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An alias is an alternative name for a field, used when serializing and deserializing data.

You can specify an alias in the following ways:

  • alias on the Field
  • validation_alias on the Field
  • serialization_alias on the Field
  • alias_generator on the Config

Alias Precedence

If you specify an alias on the Field, it will take precedence over the generated alias by default:

from pydantic import BaseModel, ConfigDict, Field

def to_camel(string: str) -> str:
    return ''.join(word.capitalize() for word in string.split('_'))

class Voice(BaseModel):
    model_config = ConfigDict(alias_generator=to_camel)

    name: str
    language_code: str = Field(alias='lang')

voice = Voice(Name='Filiz', lang='tr-TR')
#> tr-TR
#> {'Name': 'Filiz', 'lang': 'tr-TR'}

Alias Priority

You may set alias_priority on a field to change this behavior:

  • alias_priority=2 the alias will not be overridden by the alias generator.
  • alias_priority=1 the alias will be overridden by the alias generator.
  • alias_priority not set, the alias will be overridden by the alias generator.

The same precedence applies to validation_alias and serialization_alias. See more about the different field aliases under field aliases.